“It is my pleasure to endorse Jessica as a Pilates instructor, fitness coach and well-being guide. Jessica brings a tremendous personal approach to Pilates and fitness training while being firmly rooted in science and physiology. I routinely refer patients of mine to Jessica for physical training and counseling and trust Jessica to provide care and training that will be tailored to each patient’s physical and psychological needs. The referrals I have sent to Jessica have unanimously endorsed the care and attention provided by Jessica. Additionally, Jessica brings a tremendous amount of empathy to the care she provides as she has a history of scoliosis and spinal fusion surgery, and has benefited greatly from her Pilates training. Accordingly, this ability to provide a warm, empathetic approach with a passion for her profession is what allows Jessica to excel in her field. I strongly recommend Jessica as a Pilates instructor and well-being guide. Please contact our office if we may provide further information or answer any questions.”
Shay Bess, M.D.
Rocky Mountain Scoliosis & Spine

“I’ve always been an active person, but I began to experience terrible neck and back pain when sitting at a desk all day in my 9-5 job. The pain became so unbearable, and it was holding me back from enjoying life. This was when Jessica introduced me to Pilates, and after just two weeks, I felt stronger, more flexible and pain-free! Jessica taught me not only proper exercise techniques, but really listened to my needs and gave me postural tips and stretches I could do at my desk to prevent the pain from returning. Jessica’s caring nature made me feel comfortable and her extensive knowledge of the spine and muscles made me feel confident she was going to help me return to my favorite activities…and she did! I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone seeking pain relief, wanting more strength and flexibility, or to just get in shape.”
Samantha Chernak

“Jessica is a highly motivated individual. Upon undergoing a spinal fusion in 2009 for scoliosis, Jessica has maintained a drive to lead an active life. This drive to lead an active life with a fused back sparked her interest and curiosity in Pilates. As a patient, Jessica was inquisitive, and enjoyed learning about how her new spinal biomechanics alter the way she moves. Jessica has been able to integrate her knowledge of the spine and its biomechanics with her interest in Pilates. As a result, she has become a very talented Pilates instructor that brings a unique perspective to her teaching.”
Breton Line, Rocky Mountain Scoliosis & Spine
Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinator, Biomechanical Engineer

“I have been impressed with Jessica’s knowledge, attitude, and methods in teaching Pilates. I have definitely toned up with her sessions and also have felt more energized. One thing that has stood out to me is that Jessica is so passionate about what she does and truly cares about her clients, wanting us to get results. She knows her anatomy thoroughly and knows the right techniques to get results on muscle groups I want to target. Her extensive knowledge makes me feel comfortable, as she teaches proper alignment and whatnot to avoid injuries. I’d highly recommend Jessica to anyone!”
Vanessa Marion, PA-S

“I have always loved Pilates, and the Reformer classes are my favorite! I have had back pain associated with scoliosis for many years and just recently found out that I will be going in for a corrective spinal fusion the end of this year. Jessica has worked with me so well through the beginning stages of this process and has helped me better manage my pain through stability and technique. She knows her clients well and is great motivation for me, having had the same surgery. She is truly an inspiration, and a great instructor! I look forward to every class!”
Kelsi Tesone